Jan Jakub Kotík

Jan Kotik makes use of unexpected, incongruous materials in his artwork to comment on the exercise of power and the inextricable links between politics and business. He does not however presume to prescribe political alternatives. Rather, what he points out through his work and, it can be said, criticizes is the masking of connections and, above all, our ignorance or indifference to these, whether willful or not.

Jan J. Kotik was born in 1972 in Buffalo, New York. He has lived and worked in Prague since 2000. He studied at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York from 1990-1995, obtaining a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree. Upon moving to the Czech Republic, Jan's talents were quickly recognized and appreciated by local art curators. He has been included in a number of exhibitions highlighting the work of the most promising young artists, including the Chalupecky Award Finalists (2006), Prague Biennale 2 (2005), Breakthrough - Perspectives on Art from 10 New EU states, Grote Kerk Den Haag, the Hague, NL (2004), Prag- Kunst Aktuell, Czech Centre - Berlin, D (2003), Zvon - the Fourth Biennale of Young Artists, Gallery of the City of Prague (2002).

In Memorium: Jan Jakub Kotik (1972 - 2007)
In December 2007, Jan J. Kotik passed away after a long and brave battle with cancer. He was a gifted artist and a dear friend and he will remain in our hearts and minds always.